Assign the scenes and items and determine the behavior when executing.
There are differences in the timing and target of the effect depending on the attribute.

  1. Those with continuous effects
  2. Effects will appear when an event occurs
  3. Those that are always effective and have relevance to other items
  4. Effects appear when an event occurs, those that have a relationship with other items

Some attributes may not be effective depending on combination and situation
Example: [Physical neglect] + [High resilience, high friction, high density], etc.


Two or more items colliding with each other.


Two or more items collide or overlap.


It occurs when an item is touched or when it collides.
The condition under which the event occurs varies depending on the attribute attached to the item.


Make the created work actually work.
There is randomness in the physical operation at the time of execution, and the result is not always the same.


Use the image (picture) created in the application as the base.
Up to 255 items can be created in the work.
Up to 128 items can be placed in the scene.
When executing, the contact is determined by using the path created based on the contour of the image.
Therefore, the load becomes larger as items become more complicated.

Basic operation at the time of execution (when no attributes are set)
  • Events occur when touching
  • Move or enlarge / reduce when touching
  • Collide with other items
  • Is affected by gravity
  • Does not rotate
  • Disappears when going out of the scene
  • Bigger is heavier
  • When moving by using the force attribute, it decelerates
  • Does not decelerate when rotated by the force attribute.


Two or more items overlap.


A place where items are arranged and operated.
Up to 50 scenes can be created in the work.
When executing, it is possible to switch scenes only by using an item attribute called [scene change].


Touch the item directly with your finger.


There are five triggers to generate an item event.
As long as the trigger persists, the effect will also persist.

  1. Touch: In case of [Touch disregard] - OFF
  2. Collision: When selected as a target by using [Contact] of colliding items
  3. Overlap: When selected as an object by using [Contact] of overlapping items
  4. Linkage: When an object is selected as a target from the [Communicate (to] of other items where the event occurred
  5. Flag: When the condition of [flag] is satisfied (details are described in the item attribute description)


Springin' creation.
Add items and scenes and give attributes to each item to complete a work.