In the Market, you'll find a lot of works created on Springin’ and creators. You can check reactions to your works by other creators in the gallery, as well as new works by creators you are watching. You can also access information about current contests and campaigns, as well as contents to help you learn more about Springin’. Scroll through and experience Springin’!

My menu

Display user information, such as Works downloaded, the number of Watching, Coin balance, and shop activities. You can edit your profile from here.

QR code (Springin’ code) reading button

Tap to open the QR Code reading screen. All works uploaded to Springin’ Market have a QR Code, which can be read to check the work information and download.


Display announcements from Springin’ Office. The red badge will light up when you have new announcements.

My menu screen

Setting button

Display settings for push notification, on/off stylus pen mode, and request transmission password.

Edit Profile button

Open profile edit mode.

Number of Works downloaded, uploaded, and users Watching

Display Coin information.


Display announcement history.


Display shop menu to purchase contents by Coins or in-app purchases.

Feedback button

Send a feedback, comments, and errors to Springin’.

Close button

Close My Menu.

Shop screen

These products can be purchased by Coins or in-app purchases.


Display available subscription services.

One-time purchase

Display contents available to buy using Coins or in-app purchases.

Restore purchased items

Transfer applicable subscription to current Springin’ account.

Close button

Close shop.